New Year, New me?

I am one of those people who is HUGE on resolutions when a New Year rolls around. I don’t like to just have one HUGE one though, I like to break my resolutions down into many aspects of my life. I would rather have a list of smaller resolutions to maintain than one big one which I am bound to fail at keeping. Each Year I make a list that has some resolutions that are devised from different aspects of my life. These are some past years:


2016: Drink more water, take better care of my heart, save at least $2000, moisturize, keep a dream journal, set a sleep schedule Mon-Friday

2017: Stop lying to myself about things no matter the size. Take better care of my teeth. Keep in better contact with my family, use my gym membership at least once a week. Try and save at least $3000. Don’t make any decisions while upset, sleep on it.

For 2018 I had a very quiet New Years. I rang it in on sleeping on the couch watching Netflix. I did, however, make a huge list of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2018 in different areas of my life so here it is :

Of course, these are just a guideline and I don’t expect I will achieve every single one of them. It is nice though having a fall backlist of things to improve and add to my daily to-do list. Making these resolutions is absolutely¬†free. What are some of your resolutions? and How do you plan on achieving them this year? Let me know in the comments below!!