Etsy Shop Now OPEN

As a New Years resolution¬†this year I decided I wanted to reopen my Etsy Shop. I managed to get it reopened today, which is something I didn’t think was possible but apparently anything is possible when you wake up at 6:00 am and pour some Baileys in your coffee. As of right now, there are under 20 items in the store for sale all priced at $10 +shipping. I am hoping to get more up soon but I thought this was a good starting point. I know it the first day of being open again but I am hoping something sells today- so fingers crossed. I thought that I would include some of the items on here just in case you are super new and don’t follow me on social media yet ūüėČ

Tidal Offerings

If you read the about me page on this site, you will know I run a small shop on Etsy called Tidal Offerings. Currently, I am selling beachy boho-inspired jewelry and hope to eventually expand to other areas like home decor and soap- all with the same beachy boho feel.

I have always been drawn to bodies of water and the effects that water has on rocks and other material. Thankfully I grew up on Vancouver Island and was always within walking distance to a beach. Over the years I have collected small rocks, stones, and sea glass. Not knowing what to do with my collection I decided to make it into unique pieces and share them with the world. I hope that these pieces can bring joy to your life, and bring you closer to nature.

Please go check out the site and see if there is anything that you are interested in. By buying from my shop you are directly helping my education as all the money from sales goes towards textbooks and tuition- How? well I started this jewelry¬†business a few years ago and it did pretty well, I eventually sold the idea to a family friend to run on her own. She didn’t end up doing anything with it and found it to be too overwhelming, so she signed it back over to me. At this point I had everything needed ( rocks, stones, beach glass, domain names, tools, jewelry supplies) to last me a long time- so now all profits go directly towards my education.

I will be posting on here every time I do a mass listing of products onto my Etsy store and Facebook page. Please follow, like, and buy to support ūüôā

Etsy Shop: TidalOfferings 
Facebook Page: Tidal Offerings
Instagram: @tidalofferings