Why I’m not dating as a Millennial


Recently I was on vacation that involved a lot of family time. The most common question I received was ” Are you dating?”, or a variation of that question. Which let me tell you was annoying as F*%#. Why did you find the question so annoying Gillian? LET ME TELL YOU… I am doing so many other cool/accomplishing things in my life that people could have asked me about, but instead they resort to this stupid question. Which is so demeaning, I don’t need to be linked to another human being to be ” on the right path” or to be getting a head in life. So I compiled a list of reasons why myself and prob a lot of people my age are not dating.

I have high standards: I know what I stand for, I know what I believe in, and I know what I want out of a significant other. I have seen my fair share of crappy relationships, hell I’ve been in a few and I have decided NO, NOT TODAY HONEYBOO. I don’t want that for myself, I want to be with someone who shares the same or close to the same values as me. I don’t want to be in a relationship that I am fighting in constantly. After seeing a fair number of people close to me breakup and divorce, honestly, I am terrified to end up with someone who is not who I am meant to be with.

It’s easier to have some side action: I am fully aware of how odd this sounds, but it’s so true. There are people in my life that I can count on to be down to go grab a beer/dinner/game of pool with, then take them home do the dirty and have that be that. No commitment. Just good eats, fun times, and good sex.

I am a woman, hear me rawr: I am a woman who doesn’t need to be linked to a man to be happy. I work hard, I make my own money, and I don’t need to rely on a man for anything. I have goals in life, like anyone else, and I am damn well going to make sure I achieve them. Times have changed and being able to be a self-sufficient woman is the most empowering thing. I am all about that life, whether it be working in a tech store, going to school to become a pilot, surrounding myself with other empowered woman I LOVE it. I don’t need a man to make me feel good about myself, I am fully capable of doing it myself.

Dating apps, URGH: I have written about dating apps before… This is the worst way to meet people but with busy schedules, it’s all you can sometimes do. I like to compare dating apps to meeting someone in a bar, people tell you not to do it, but you always try it to really make sure it’s as bad as others say….take it from me, it is.

I’m number one: just call me a narcissist, because my life is all about me baby. I am not curbing any of my goals for someone else. I am a very driven person, I have huge goals and I have a schedule that would make a grown man cry. I don’t plan on giving anything in my life up just for a guy.

Like I said previously, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be on the right path or to be getting a head in life. You do whats right for you honeyboo!