McDonald’s Nostalgia

Last week I took a small poll on Instagram about what I should write about this week, the response was overwhelming to do another 90s post. So I got to thinking what kind of 90s things have I not written about? I swear at that exact moment my mom texted me from Cali and asked if I knew if McDonald’s still gave out those Halloween buckets ( she had some kind of project in mind… more on that in a later post) BAM BLOG POST IDEA- McDonald’s in the 90s



Walking into McDonald’s today is NOTHING, emphasize on the NOTHING like it was when I was a little bean. In the 90s walking into those golden arches to me was like walking into Heaven. I honestly thought there was no better place on earth ( until I went to Disneyland…).  The esthetic of the McDonald’s by my house I would describe as pure 90s. Off-white creamy with red highlights, with tacky photos on the wall. Now every McDonalds was a bit different, some I remember being littered with photos of the OG characters.Screenshot 2017-09-24 at 7.03.48 AM Also, some McDonalds had video games in their play places- if you lived by one of these ones I am low key still jealous. Anyways typical 90s McDonalds had these staple very uncomfortable chairs which had french fries and hamburgers these highchairs always lined up ready for battle. Finding yourself in one of those chairs only meant one thing… a happy meal was comin your way.






Now I remember the typical red boxed happy meals but also the WIDE range of different boxes from Barbie and Hotwheels to Disney and Dinosaurs.


In these bad boys you would get your typical toy BUT in the 90s McDonalds periodically stepped up their “toy” game and gave you things like Plates, Glass Mugs, Seasonal things ( these were my fave)

Plates- Hercules… do I even need to say more? There were 6 of them, you know damn well you begged your parents to go there until you got all 6. I’m pretty sure my mom kept these plates until I was like last year. I wish I would have grabbed them, cause I would have put them in my china cabinet.c3723e0c0cb9c6268ba50364337d8ea8


Glass Mugs- So I was not a fan of these, mainly because my mom didn’t like me using them. They were heavy and I once dropped one on her foot. My bad. From what I remember there were only 2 types Flintstone and Batman… I might be wrong, but that’s what I remember.


Seasonal Toys-

Halloween –  The buckets!!! a 90s child staple. Candy bucket + Cookie cutter. I  don’t even know what else to say about these they were SICK. ( ya I still have one)DvZ1L

At Halloween, there was also there were also nuggets in costume toys and the OG characters in costumes, SO CUTE.

I’m not sure if McDonald’s still does kids coupons but at Halloween and Valentine’s day, I remember distinctly getting coupon packs.


Christmas-  101 Dalmation toys that doubled as ornaments. There were TONS of these little guys TONS, growing up in Victoria I remember one year going and looking at the Christmas Tree display event at the Empress Hotel and there was a FULL TREE of these… and it wasn’t sparsely decorated. It was FULL.016-101-dalmatians-1076467

Disney boxed toys- so older Disney movies got their toys given out in cute little boxes that looked the VHS’s. I loved these!!$_1

I hope you enjoyed this blog… If you remember these things or have more to add, comment below and let me bask in the nostalgia of 90s McDonalds!!! – also if you want me to do a full blog on 90s McDonalds toys…. 

90s Dreams

So last night I was playing a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity at games night. Everything was smooth sailings until I looked down and in my hand, I saw the card Yelling “girl power!” and doing a high kickYou see I have never seen the 90s expansion pack ( I know, I know I live under a rock), so my nostalgia kicked in and I mean it kicked in HARD.  It started with putting on a lit 90s Spotify playlist and making everyone scream sing the lyrics with me and ended with my buying a few things on Amazon I would semi regret in the morning. Anywho, here is the Gillians Drunk Nostalgia Amazon hit list ( as always click the links, buy some epic 90s shit make your friends jelly)  :

Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 10.24.48 AMFirst up on the roster was every 90s girl’s favorite hair accessory, Butterfly Clips. The more clips you had in at once, the cooler you were in my elementary school.  Drunkenly last night I’m pretty sure I called my mom and asked where mine were and why I stopped wearing them? So wait for the update on that…

Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 10.20.27 AM Second, we have the staple, Tattoo Chocker Necklace. Now I can see that these are making a comeback heavily this past year. I’m not sure if people are finding their old ones or they are going to the secret 90s shop and buying them all up because I have not seen them in a single store.


Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 10.26.26 AM Third, we have home girl Lisa Franks stickers… I dont know about you, but if your school had a Scholastic Book Fair, you were all up in this bitches shit. You had the pencils, stickers, folders etc. So round of applause 90s children and scholastic, we made this bitch famous.

41lZ4q+K9dL714tN4SN32L._SX522_ Next up we have the classic blue blow up chair and couch. I personally never had either of these items. Let me tell you though, my friends did and we LIVED on these things while watching Rugrats and Pokemon… which leads me to the next item… Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 10.14.52 AMAsh Ketchum’s hat. I can tell you for sure I had one of these bad boys, but my stupid cousin stole it TWO DAYS after I got it. I am still bitter about this. I have seen these in stores recently but its cheaper on the link I provided 😉

Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 10.27.26 AM I thought I would also link in the 90s nostalgia pack to Cards Against Humanity 🙂



2am School Supplies Shopping

Looking at Back to school items online at 2:00 am is ALWAYS a good time! Here are the fun items I found. Click the titles to view and buy!

Beauty and the Beast Backpack  – $50.30
Alice in Wonderland BackPack  -$50.78
Pokemon BackPack -$71.39

51NKpc3EVCL71inFb0tQjL._SL1000_Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 7.28.30 AM

Dumbo Pencil Case -$18.99
Lion King Pencil Case -$18.99
Mario Pencil Case – $18.82

Toy Story Notebook -$17.07
Harry Potter Notebook ( Marauders Map) -$27.49
Harry Potter Notebook 2 ( Expecto Patronum) -$16.94


Internet Finds


Millennial Wish List



So first I found these rad RUGRAT PJS, I am super Angelica in Rugrats no denying it. They are semi-expensive but they look to be cool as shit. You can see a closer look HERE.

Next I found this SUPER adorable Alice in Wonderland LoungeFly bag. URGH I LOVE IT… Find it HERE.

Last I found these super cute cat mugs, you can find them HERE.