Welcome to my corner of the universe! This blog is full of lists, advice, products etc. All on a budget.  The blog initially started in 2017, when a friend and myself wanted to share our love of all the things we found on the internet -BUT-  on a budget. We were both university students who browsed Pinterest for embarrassing amounts of time. We realized that some of the things that we read needed some adjusting to fit our lives, or the things that we tried to make worked great after we tweaked the recipes to fit our budgets.  As time went on we both became too swamped down with life to pay attention to our blog. So at the end of 2017, I asked if it would be ok if we parted ways on the blog and I could take control of it, she agreed and now here we are. I have taken some posts off the blog and readjusted the headings to more so suit me and where I would like the blog to go.

About me: I am a 26-year-old Canadian university student. I am currently enrolled at the University of the Fraser Valley as well as at Principal Air. I am at UFV for a Bachelors degree in Aviation with a double minor in Business and Geography. I am at Principal Air attaining my Commercial Pilots licence currently. I am a very creative person, who is an introvert at heart. I enjoy reading, playing ingress, Harry Potter, airplanes and cats. I currently run a small Etsy shop where I sell beachy boho jewelry, but am hoping to expand it to beachy boho home decor and soaps.

As stated before, a lot of what you will find on this blog is inspired by things that I have seen on the internet, and have adjusted them to fit my budgeted student lifestyle. I post on there as well as on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. I keep them all linked up so they are easy to find and navigate through. If you want to follow them the Instagram is @thediaryofabrokegirl ( also seen on the right-hand column of this blog and the Pinterest board is off of my personal account linked HERE.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns please dont hesitate to contact me on any form of social media, I am pretty much always available and will answer
gmail: thediaryofabrokegirl@gmail.com
Instagram: @thediaryofabrokegirl
Facebook Page: The Diary of a Broke Girl

Ads & Amazon: It should also be noted that in some of the posts there will be Amazon links to the products that are listed in the post. I have an Amazon affiliate account and do get a portion of the purchase price if you click on the link and buy the item.  There are also ads all over the blog now, this is due to me wanting to make a profit off this blog. When you click the ads or click and buy something off the ads I also get paid.