October Movies

October Movie Lists

Fall is here, which means all the typical Halloween movies are going to start showing up on tv and Netflix. Theatres will also be packed with new release horror movies.  I toyed with the idea of doing a review a day of the horror movies of 2016-2017 but kiboshed that idea when remembered how much fun I had doing the horror-movie-a-day last October ( that list can be found here). I decided to put together a calendar of my fave cult classics, creepy thrillers


1.House of 1000 Corpses 2. Poltergeist 3.The Babadook 4.Hellraiser 5.Rosemary’s Baby 6.Children of the Corn 7.The Fly 8.The Silence of the Lambs 9. Psycho 10. The Thing 11. Evil Dead 12. Night of the Living Dead 13. Friday the 13th ( on Friday the 13th- creepy) 14. The Descent 15. The Omen 16. The Cloth 17. It 18.The Shinning 19. It Follows 20. Carrie 21. The Sixth Sense 22. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 23. Nosferatu 24. The Ring 25. Saw 26. Conjuring 27. The Exorcist 28. Insidious 29. Drag me to Hell 30. Nightmare on Elm Street 31. Halloween



If you are not a horror movie junkie don’t worry I got you covered too. Here is a calendar of 30 Halloween themed movies just for you.  This is a list of mixed movies from kids movies to semi-horror films, with a couple cult classics thrown in. There are some on here that are NOT child-friendly so I would recommend reading up on some of these before watching with little ones. Enjoy xo.

1.Corpse Bride 2. Dark Shadows 3. E.T. 4. Witches of Eastwick 5. Earnest Scared Stupid 6. Addams Family 7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 8. Ghostbusters 9. The Haunted Mansion 10. Lost Boys 11. Tower of Terror 12. Sleepy Hollow 13. Nightmare Before Christmas 14. Zombieland 15. Death Becomes Her 16. Caroline 17. Beautiful Creatures 18. Scream 19. Donnie Darko 20. I know what you did last summer 21. Casper 22. Edward Scissorhands 23. ParaNorman 24. Scream Team 25. The Little Vampire 26. The Craft 27. Halloweentown 28. Buffy 29. Beetlejuice 30. Hocus Pocus