Course Selection & Major Realizations

sC7Lw1505238442Being a General Studies student has opened my eyes to so many different educational experiences and paths that one can take. To get a sense of where I am coming from I have been in university now off and on for around 5 years in 4 different cities. To some, this seems like I am wasting my time and money, but for me, this is what I need to do to get myself on the path that is right for me. In the time I have been in university I have been in many different courses ranging all over the educational spectrum. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do with my life and that ok. Since I have taken such a wide range of courses I have had the pleasure of meeting so many different types of people, I thought this blog could be about what courses one can take based on the type of person they see themselves as, or who they strive to be. This blog is almost fully taken from a project I did last year about freshman picking their courses while enrolled in General Studies ( major reference:

Earth Enthusiast🌎

â ‚Environmental Science
â ‚Marine Biology
â ‚Animal Science
â ‚Ecology
â ‚Geography
â ‚Natural Resources and Conservation
â ‚Bioenvironmental Engineering
â ‚Environmental and Business Economics
â ‚Agriculutre
â ‚Geology


Analytical Thinkersđź’ˇ

â ‚Antropology
â ‚Classical Humanities
â ‚Sociology
â ‚History
â ‚Women and Gender Studies
â ‚Foreign Language
â ‚History
â ‚English
â ‚Media Studies
â ‚Education
â ‚Philosphy



Health and Fitnessđź’Ş

â ‚Kinesiology
â ‚Nutrition
â ‚Nursing
â ‚Biology
â ‚Public Health
â ‚Exercise Science
â ‚Sports Nutrition
â ‚Psychology
â ‚Genetics
â ‚Holistic Psychology
â ‚Physical Therapy
â ‚Anatomy




Creative Geniuses 🎨

â ‚Music
â ‚Film
â ‚Computer Science
â ‚Engineering
â ‚Theater
â ‚Dance
â ‚Journalism
â ‚Marketing
â ‚Communications
â ‚Visual Arts
â ‚Foreign Language
â ‚Creative Writing
â ‚Landscape Architecture

Business Gurusđź‘”

â ‚Business (duh)
â ‚Entrepreneurship
â ‚Finance
â ‚Managment
â ‚Supply Chain Management
â ‚International Business
â ‚Agribusiness
â ‚Information Technology
â ‚Economics


Policy Pushers✍️

â ‚Criminology
â ‚Political Science
â ‚Philosophy
â ‚Environmental Policy
â ‚Urban Planning
â ‚Public Policy Analysis
â ‚Criminal Justice
â ‚Labour Studies & Employment Relations
â ‚Human Resource Management
â ‚Public Administration
â ‚Education Policy Analysis

Depending on what school you go to will factor in if these majors, minors, or courses are available to you. This is just a list that I find easy to read to establish what courses you could be interested in. This is by no means a list of the courses you need to take to get a degree, it’s just my observation on what certain types of people take. If anyone wants to read the report I did I am more than happy to email it out. Anyways, I currently attend the University of the Fraser Valley. I am enrolled in the General Studies Bachelor program with an Aviation theme and a double minor in Business and Geography. It took me a long time to narrow down what I wanted to do, I didn’t even think twice about adding on another minor until I took a random Geography class as an elective one semester. It opened the flood gate to all the things I loved about how countries work, and why. The nice thing about university is you can always take 100 level courses to see if it’s something that interests you. I like to describe 100 level courses as buffets. You get to see first hand what the field is about. I have my major and minors figured out but I am currently taking Sociology 100 just to be curious. There is never any harm in learning.