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So you wanna make some extra money while sitting on the couch watching Netflix eh? GURL SAME. Over the years I have dabbled in a couple apps and websites that will allow you to make money off of them. What’s the catch you ask? Good question! After searching for apps that pay, I have only really found one or two that pay a good amount of money while literally doing nothing. All the others are ones that you have to either invest a lot of time or footwork into. Another question you probably have is Do they actually pay you money? Some yes, some no. Some apps will pay you via PayPal, and some will pay you in gift cards. At first, I was super hesitant about the gift card apps, until I met someone one day who was using the same app to me and showed me they’re in app wallet and they had $340 on an Amazon gift card, this homegirl was sold! Another thing to note is some of these are surveys and some of these are sites that you download other apps on, so don’t be alarmed. The way I look at it is if you’re going to be sitting on the couch watching Netflix browsing your phone, you might as well be making money….Ok so the list:

1. JobSpotter: aka my fave app. To get paid what the app requires you to go out and find We’re Hiring signs and take 2 photos. One photo of the We’re Hiring sign and one photo of the storefront with the store’s name clearly visible. EASY! Each submission gets points assigned to it based off of their submission guidelines. Depending on how many points your submission gets is how much you will make off of it.
How you get paid: Amazon Gift Card ( this is the only I was talking about earlier, currently saving up for a textbook or something expensive now that I can see how much you can make) every submission loads onto a redeemable gift card you can cash out at any time.


2.Google Opinion Rewards: I’m semi new to this app. Google will notify you when a new survey is ready for you and you answer a quick ( I’ve never had a survey with more than 5 questions) couple questions and you get rewarded.
How you get paid: Google pays you in Google Play credit. ( again I’m pretty new to this app, so I’m also super unsure what I’m going to buy… )





3. 1Q ( one question): a very fast survey. Download the app and you will get a text or push notification when there is a question available to you. Con of this app is that the questions seem to be very few and far in between as of late. Pro some of them are worth a couple dollars.
How you get paid: Paypal.


Carrot-Rewards-app4. Carrot Rewards: This I Believe is only for residents of British Columbia, Ontario, and Newfoundland right now. It’s a survey sent out by the Public Health Agency of Canada which asks you questions about your lifestyle. They are super fast easy surveys which pay you in points. You can also set the app up to track your steps, so everytime you hit a certain number of steps a day you get a couple points.
How you get paid: you get paid in either Scene Points, Aeroplan Miles, Petro Points, More Reward Points or Drop Points. You can bounce between all of these if you want. I have all of mine set up and either each month I rotate the card I use or if it’s a big payout survey I put it all on my Scene or More Rewards cards ( strictly because Movies and Food * DUH)

5. CheckOut 51: this one is based on your grocery store receipts. Basically, what you do is browse download the app or go to the website and browse the list of what they will rebate you for and buy it at the grocery store. Once you have bought it, take a photo of your receipt, upload it to the site and they will credit your account.
**NOTE**– the best way to actually make money from this app is to use a coupon or club card at the grocery store also. For example Checkout 51 offered a $2.00 rebate on a box of Cheerios, with my SaveOn foods More Reward card I was getting the box on sale for $2.50, and I had a .50cents off coupon from the store ( little rip off flyer my ADHD brain needed to rip) so I got the box of Cheerios for $0.00
How you get paid: Once you have reached 20$ they will send you a check.

6. I-say: Surveys. This is just surveys, the supply them you answer them. They vary in length. Easy to do while binge-watching Stranger Things. Some of them are very repetitive. Good pay for what you are doing.
How you get paid: you see how many points you are going to get paid before you do the survey, once you have a good amount you pick what you want to redeem in the form of Visa Cards, Amazon Cards, iTunes cards etc.

7. Swagbucks: Another one with a survey, but this one also has videos. You can do these for however long you want and with your volume off * me * you can do it on both your computer and your phone. You have the potential to earn more on your computer as you can use their weird browser thing to surf the web and make some bucks. You can also download new apps to your phone, play for a few minutes and earn points that way.
How you get paid: You collect Swagbucks, and redeem them in their store… prepaid visas, PayPal cash out, gift cards.

8. Field Agent: This app is kind of like a secret shopper type dealio. The map/jobs section will show you different jobs that are available to you to do. You simply click a job and read the description and check if its worth it for you to do. Some examples I had 2 jobs that I qualified for the other day Job #1- Upload your Costco receipt with purchase between Aug 24-Aug 31. Simple. I was there I grabbed my receipt that was shoved in my purse and made $10.00. Job #2- Little Caesars, go there and check out the environment ( cleanliness, service, food) I ordered a hot and read $9. Sat in the car and answered the questions and made $7.00
How you get paid: you collect money in your account and they can get it paid out to you via direct deposit or Dwolla


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