5 Podcasts for Millennials


Podcasts saved my life. Seriously. I used to spend hours looking on YouTube trying to find the “perfect video” to put on in the background while I “get things done”. It always ended the same, me sitting on the couch watching the videos I had chosen then I would fall into the deep dark hole that is known as Recommended Videos. With a podcast it takes out the visual part, and the searching part. Instead, you find a topic you like or person you enjoy listening to hit play and you’re off to the races. I normally throw on a podcast when I’m on my way to go somewhere while cleaning my place, or when I’m avoiding homework. In this blog, i’ll share some of my FAVORITE podcasts.

1. My FAVORITE MURDER: This podcast is a true crime comedy theme by Karen and Georgia. The cover day to day things like that every millennial will find relatable ( Taco Tuesdays, Avocado Toast, etc) then go on to talk about a murder that they find fascinating. This podcast will lead to many in depth google searches about murders so be prepared.

2. STUFF MOM NEVER TOLD YOU: This podcast covers it all. I love this podcast because it covers all those awkward questions that you might be afraid to ask someone because it’s something you should already know. This podcast also discusses things we are all thinking like why are nipples such a big deal and WTF is going on with Miley Cyrus.

3. JENNA & JULIEN: This podcast is hosted by couple Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita. Being a twenty-something-year-old, I still spend my Wednesday/Thursday mornings watching Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube. Her significant-otter Julien is a crazy videographer who also has a YouTube Channel on which he vlogs. The pair together hosts this amazing podcast that covers EVERYTHING. Just click and watch, get lost in the awesomeness.

4. NOT TOO DEEP: Hosted by the MOST-RELATABLE girl on the internet Grace Helbig. She interviews a wide range of guest stars, where she and they just shoot the sh*t. It’s full of unfiltered amazingness. As Grace is not afraid to ask anything on her mind this podcast normally gets so many different opinions and views on everyday topics.

5. MILLENNIAL PODCAST: This podcast is another one that allows you to learn things that people never taught you growing up. This podcast is hosted by Megan Tan, who is another extremely relatable woman just trying to navigate through this thing called life. I found this podcast when I was trying to kind of find myself and I have never looked back, she is amazing. My recommendation for this podcast is that you start at her #1 because its a serialized situation.