Oils Oils Oils

Lately, I have been relying heavily on Essential Oils to get me through days of being inside studying. Whether I’m at home diffusing oils or at the library with a roller with me. These are my go-to oil blends this semester.  


I have been asked before what types of oils I use and been criticized a lot for the brands I use. I use Art Naturals. Before you jump down my throat about anything here’s a tidbit of information about me and my oil journey.
Yes, I have seen the comparison charts on what is used in different brands of oils.
Yes, I have talked to representatives at Art Naturals.
Yes, I have talked to my doctor about the benefits of essential oils.
Yes, I do use other brands sometimes.
Yes, I do use other products that Art Naturals has.
Yes, I do find oils helpful in my day to day life.
Yes, they are safe to use with cats/animals in the house.
No, I do not care about your opinion on the brand of oils I use.



Where to get Cheap Books

I have been asked a few times about where to get books for cheap. Since books ( especially hardcovers) can cost between $25-$50 a piece I have learned to be pretty resourceful. There are a number of places I try to go get books before paying full price. I am going to list these because I think it will be easier to talk on each one.

Free Books

My Free Little Library: Depending on where you live these little community libraries are amazing. I have two of them located near my house I stop by them so frequently to drop off books as well as find some treasures. What they are is a public community book exchange. Someone in the community buys the library and then its free for everyone to use. Its based on the exchange aspect so take a book, leave a book type deal. This is the place I go when I am not in dire need of a book, but more so want to read something I never thought of reading. I like to leave books here with notes in them about my favorite aspect of the book. Here is an interactive map so you can find a library near you CLICK HERE 

Book Exchanges: So same concept as the My Free Little Library, with take a book leave a book. I have found a few different ones around. My university has a nice big bookshelf that is stocked all year round with different books to read. Remember when you are going to leave a book. Another way to find these exchanges is online.

Local Library: This one seems obvious but I barely use it but know people who love going there. I personally can’t stand feeling the need to rush through a book ( even though I read most in a few days or a week) I also don’t like knowing I have to return a book, I like to own them. This is totally personal preference.


Little Money

Thrift Stores: Thrift stores are my absolute fave place to grab books. I have had the most luck with them and the books are normally checked to be sure they are in good condition before they hit the shelves. My main go to places are Value Village, Big Lots, and Habitat for Humanity. Most of these stores have a set price for certain books so it’s easy to figure out in advance how to budget yourself. Value Village to me has the best price scale: original price of the book over $25 means their price is $5.99, the original price of the book is $15-24.99 means their price is $4.00 and so on.

Garage Sales: I have found some great books and series at garage sales. Most people who are having garage sales are just looking for you to take their old things and are willing to bargain with you to do so. I find that a lot of garage sales also have complete sets of books for sale which is nice if you are looking to collect a set without paying a million bucks for it. Find your local garage sales in the newspaper on online groups.

Library: ( I know I know its on here twice) Most libraries have a cart with for sale books on them. Majority of which are under $5. They are books that have been well loved and need a forever home. They are normally in great condition still and are cheap.

Dollar Stores: Depending on where you live some dollar stores have a book section and it’s AMAZING. I say this because I found 2 of the books in my fave series at a dollar store for $2 a piece. Check different dollar stores in your area for book sections. Do it, Trust me.

Bargain Bins: another great place to check is the bargain bins at bookstores. Most bookstores have a table designated to discounted books- what’s wrong with these books you ask? NOTHING. Usually, they are just older titles that are not moving through inventory as fast as the bookstore would like- OR they are part of a series, but are book 2 or 3 out of 5 ish. ( this is how I got the second book in my fave series for only $5). Another super nice thing about these bargain books is normally online you can see which ones are on the table and prepare to stop there and grab it- or reserve it.

Local Bookstores: I might be super lucky but I have multiple bookstores in the town I live in and the town I go to school in. I always seem to get newer titles for like half the price as I would be at somewhere like Chapters or Barnes and Noble. These bookstores also have great recommendations as well as if you like this, read this type thing going on.


Bookoutlet + ThriftBooks: These two websites are my go-tos if I am not in a hurry to get a book. They offer super discounted books in mostly great condition for a fraction of the price. Sometimes the shipping takes forever but in the end, it’s worth it if you are getting a $30 book for $5


Being a broke student with a reading addiction can be hard, so I hope this list of places to get cheap books helps ease the pain of book buying. Enjoy your day and keep reading.


I’m Back

Hey.Hello.Hi. I’m Back.

I would like to start off this by saying thank you to you for being patient with me. I needed some space and I was given it so generously. I also want to say thank you to everyone who messaged me with kind words and such to make sure that I was alright. ThankYou.ThankYou.Thank you.

Based on the number of messages I received asking where I was… I was taking some time to heal, focus, and regroup. I had a very stressful start to the year and thought that throwing myself into a lot of things without dealing with my own problems was a good idea… I was wrong. I took on too much and had a couple of good breakdowns. I found my limits and realized I needed to regroup. I chose to take a break from social media stresses ( Facebook, Tumblr, blogging, Etsy etc.) I focused a lot on the goals I had for myself last year that I was not able to accomplish: 4.0+ GPA, Private Pilots Licence, Figure Out Tidal Offerings, Bookstagram. I accomplished most of those things with the verdict still out on Tidal Offerings ( man I just don’t know what to do about that situation lol)

I want to again redirect how this blog is run. I thought it was a good idea to have a lot of different sections so I would have so many options to post weekly, but man that’s hard. I am learning that I might need to stop posting in certain subsections of this blog and focus mainly on what I am great at writing about. That way I have a more target audience and no one being grumpy pants at me over the fact I’m not posting in a certain section enough for their liking. Again- I’m still trying to figure this out.

In the next week or so I am going to focus my attention on the Book section and the School section as I feel that those are going to be the main attractions of this blog. I am still going to post to DIY, Wellness, Reviews, Tidal Offerings, Seasonal but just not as much since those ones are seeming to cause me a bit of stress.

Now to address Tidal Offerings. I received a few messages about the store and what’s happening since it seems I am not making anything for it but its still online. Well, I don’t know. I started the store when I was in a very transitional phase in my life. I thought that jewelry was a nice way to get away and make side money. Now I feel a bit different. I am thinking I want to keep the store open and offers a variety of different items like jewelry, home decor, art, etc. I am still very new to Etsy and since I don’t have my own space to create its been a challenge to get moving on this little project. So currently the status is: Store is open, I am not adding anything new yet. I am still figuring it out. Sorry.

Lastly, I did start an Instagram account for my love of books. I have always loved reading and when I get particularly overwhelmed or stressed you can find me in bed with a book avoiding all my responsibilities. In the last couple months, I found myself getting lost in the world of Bookstagram, GoodReads, and Facebook pages of fellow Book Lovers. After a few late night chats with book friends I was persuaded into starting a bookstagram account and honestly couldn’t be happier. I get to mix my love of books and my amateur photography skills into one place AND get to be a part of the most incredible community with the most supportive people around. Joining bookstagram was a true blessing when I needed it the most.

So what this post is, is a Hello, I’m back, but please be patient with me for a while.


Book Review- In a Dark Dark Wood

Title: In a dark dark wood
Author: Ruth Ware
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
My Goodread Rating: ★★★★☆

Nora hasn’t seen Clare for ten years. Not since Nora walked out of school one day and never went back.  Until, out of the blue, an invitation to Clare’s bachelorette arrives. Is this a chance for Nora to finally put her past behind her? But something goes wrong. Very wrong. Some things can’t stay secret forever…

My Goodreads Review
“This book was great. The author did an amazing job at building the characters from the beginning and had great development throughout the book. There were multiple twists and turns I didn’t see coming. I do wish that there was a bit more background on the events that took place in the hospital as I thought that section was a bit too fast and rushed through. I had a pretty hard time putting this novel down once I started. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lighter mystery book to read.”

More on the Book
So I mainly picked this book up because it was on Reese Witherspoon’s book club list. I won’t lie, I thought that this book was going to be a lot different than it was. I always get the idea in my head that if I huge inspiring person like Oprah or Reese Witherspoon is recommending a book it’s going to speak directly to your soul and move you in ways you are not prepared for.

Instead, I got a great little mystery/thriller that was such a me book it was crazy. I love a good mystery book that has lots of twists and turns. I read through this book real quick- I tend to do so with a good mystery.

As I said in my Goodreads review I looved the amount of character building and development throughout the book.  I thought that the backstories between the characters all played nicely into the main plot and nothing was too predictable ( until the very very end). I do wish this book was longer so you are able to see what happened to the main characters after the events that take place at the glass house in the deep dark woods.

Although this book had a great flow and not a lot of slow areas it did read a bit like a young adult book at times.   This book wasn’t one that got my heart pounding or made me scared to sleep, but it did have twists that were well planned out and easily identifiable with earlier parts in the novel.

This was a great read and I do recommend it to anyone looking for a fast mystery read.

Pick It Up Here: 

Recommended Books Like this One
All the Missing Girls- Megan Miranda
Girl on the Train- Paul Hawkins
Big Little Lies- Liane Moriarty
The Woman in Cabin 10-Ruth Ware


Leave a Comment or Message if you have read this book and how you liked it.

Home Spa Day

It’s a busy time of year. Deadlines are closing in, Stress is in the air, and there is No time for you time- which sucks. This is the time of year when your skin can suffer the most. 

Stress brings on different emotions and hormones-which if you are anything like me do a number on your skin. Instead of trying to fit in a spa appointment into your already busy schedule, why not try a DIY at home spa day facial?!  Not only will your skin love you but so will your bank account. I have come up with an easy 5 Step process to taking care of your skin in this hectic time of the year. Before we get started here is a link to find out your skin type. I recommend doing this before you ever put a new product on your face. CLICK HERE

Now you don’t have to do any type of DIY if you don’t want to so I have included some products in this post as well as some recipes I have been using.

Step 1: Get Clean
Start by removing all the dirt and oil from your skin’s surface by gently washing your face and neck with with a cleanser that is appropriate to your skin type.


Step 2: Exfoliate
This helps to unblock the surface of the skin, which allows all the products to better penetrate into the skin. Be sure your face is a bit damp when applying and massage into the skin with your finger tips for approx. 30-45 seconds.

My current fave exfoliators are:
Lush: Ocean Salt – $21 for 120 g . BUY IT HERE
Raw Sugar: Sugar Srub Raw Coconut + Mango- $17 for  20 oz,  BUY IT HERE


Step 3- Steam it Up
Warmth softens the skin, increased circulation and also helps with product penetration. You can do this by using towels soaked in hot waya nd them applying them to your face- make sure you check the temperature of the towel before applying to face! You can also do this by draping a towel over your head and standing above a bowl of hot water, again be safe while doing this, don’t burn your face off.


Step 4: Mask + Toner
Chose a mask that is right for your skin type and follow the package directions. Make sure you use a toner after the mask had been removed.  I am currently on a honey kick and like to make my own face masks so here is a little ingredients list to target different imperfections. Full list of these recipes HERE.

Step 5 : Moisturize

Apply a moisturizer. Again be sure to use one that is right for your skin type and always use a moisturizer that has an SPF in it. If you can’t find one mix a bit of sunscreen with your face moisturiser to protect yourself from those harmful uv rays every day.
I am a fan of DIY moisturizers to here is a link I have used MULTIPLE times

The price of this at home facial will all depend on the products that you buy or make. I recommend trying to make a majority of the products that you are putting on your face so you can see every single ingredient and know that it is safe, but that is up to you. I also do not recommend putting on a million different oils as they an clog pores and cause outbreaks and allergic reactions. I am in no way a dermatologist and if you have any skin concerns I recommend you go and see a healthcare professional.

Time: 20-40 minutes depending on time to make products or get them ready
Effort: minimal
Cost: depends on the products you use.


Water Marble Nails

Now that I have time off classes I have been able to experiment with some of the many Pinterest beauty hacks I have scrolled through at 3 am while trying to “get a good night’s sleep” before exams. The first one I have been dying to try is Water Marble Nails!

Now before we begin, I have seen 100+ pins for these nails and watched over 50 Instagram videos, let me tell you THIS IS NOT AS EASY AS THEY MAKE IT SEEM.  I don’t know what kind of magical school these people are attending to learn this sorcery but DANG this shit took me almost an hour on my first attempt with about a bottle of nail polish remover. Although this is a simple idea and very cheap task it’s tricky when you are first starting out. I did this set twice before I felt comfortable taking photos while doing it to post on here. 

Let’s first go over the products you actually need and ones that made my life 100 times easier:

White Nail Polish – $1
Coloured Nail Polishes ( I recommend around two or three)- $2
Top Coat Clear Polish- $1
Nail polish Remove -r$1
QTips -$1
Small Container for Water
Toothpick or something to swirl the polish with
Glue or Liquid Latex- $1
Brush to put on glue or latex -$1

Note: I already had the liquid latex and the nail polish colors at home, but if I didn’t, it wouldn’t have been a problem because everything could have been bought at the Dollar Store.  I’m not sure about your local dollar stores but ours thankful carries Sally Hansen Nail Polishes and I stock up on them frequently.

Ok let’s begin

Step One: Paint around your nails with Glue or Latex and let dry.


Step Two: Paint the nails you want to marble with a white base coat. Do not worry about perfection this is going to be covered up anyways. We only want the white so the marble will really pop on the nail.

Step Three: Pour water into the small container and twist off all nail polish caps so you are able to easily drop in the colours. I used the cap for my dry shampoo for the water container

Step Four + Five:
Drop in one drop of a coloured nail polish, then another drop of a different colour in the center of the first drop. Repeat this as many times as you want. I did mine as follows: 1 drop pink,1 drop white, 1 drop black, 1 drop white, 1 drop pink. Once you have the desired amount of dropped use your swirl tool to swirl around the colours. Do not put your tool super far into the water as it will result in the ruining of your pattern. Another thing to note is that the nail polish will start to dry so this needs to be done relatively quick. If it dries while the tool is still in the container it will be pulled off the water and you will need to start again. 

Step Six:

Dunk nail you want marbled nail side first into the water on top of the coloured polish, leave it in the water for roughly 30 seconds, while it is still submerged in the water use your swirl tool to grab all the polish that is floating on top of the water. ( I didn’t get a photo of this but it will make sense when you do it- the polish is dried so it sticks to the tool). Repeat this step for all your nails that you want to be marbled.

Step Seven:
As your marbled nails are drying paint your non marble nails whatever colour you would like.

Step Eight:
Peel off the Glue or Latex and clean up your hands from excess nail polish with the Q-Tips and polish remover.